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Sign up to Trader Supermarket. It’s super easy, quick and FREE! What's more, we give you an instant $15 welcome credit when you join.


Select a broker deal, open a trading account, and connect it to Trader Supermarket. Some brokers will allow you to connect existing accounts.


Get busy trading, and you'll earn cashback on every trade, win or lose. You can withdraw your money at any time, via secure payment methods.

We Only Work With The Best Regulated Brokers!

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Why Use Us

Earn Cashback on Every Trade. No matter what your trade size and frequency, we pay you Cashback on Every trade, Win or Lose.

Profit from Bonuses. Get $15 completely Free just for joining, and take advantage of numerous Broker Bonus Offers inside.

Top Regulated Brokers Only: we only want the very best for our members, which is why we strictly work with industry leading, and fully regulated brokers.

Generous Referral Program. When you refer your friends to us, we pay you extra cash for all their trades on connected broker accounts.

Excellent Customer Service. Your personal Account Manager can assist with any queries you may have, help you find the right broker, and connect your account to TraderSupermarket.

Safe & Secure Website. We run SSL encrypted data protection, making your data and payments as safe & secure as possible.

How We Pay You to Trade

Every time you place a trade on a Broker Account opened through TraderSupermarket, the Broker pays us a rebate, which equals a percentage of the normal spread or commission charges applied to your transaction. We then simply give the majority of this money back to you, in the form of cashback.

How Much Cashback Can I Earn?

There is no limit to what you can earn with Trader Supermarket. The amount of Cashback you generate for yourself will simply depend on the following factors:

  • Which Broker & Account Type you choose
  • How many trades you make a day
  • What products you trade

For Example
Dave trades part-time after work most evenings, and trades an average of 6 round-turn lots per day. For using a standard account with broker XYZ, he receives $3 per lot from us, which allows him to earn an extra $378 (6 trades x $3 x 21 days) in Cashback per month, on top of his actual trading performance. This means that Dave can either use this money to grow his trading account, or spend it on anything else he wants.

Why not try our Cashback Calculator, and how much you could earn?

Cashback Calculator

Getting Paid is Easy and Secure

Any cashback you earn is credited to your TSM account. You can withdraw your money whenever you like, using any of the following payment methods:

What Our Members Say


I only discovered Trader Supermarket recently, and think their concept and service is brilliant. I have already earned hundreds of Dollars in Cashback, which increases my trading performance every month!

Gary M.


The broker comparison tool is very useful and easy to operate. It helped me quickly find the best broker for my needs. But the best part is that the generous Cashback deals are substantially reducing my trading costs. I would highly recommend Trader Supermarket to anyone!

Houman A.


I already had an account with my preferred broker. The staff were very helpful in showing me how to register it for cashback on the site. I am now earning $200 - $300 every month, which I used to pay to my broker. I will never trade without TSM again!

Stefano S.

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